Leslie S. (Mother of Cristalina)

Sana has been nothing short of a blessing to our whole family! She was not our first occupational therapist…she was our third! My daughter was struggling with extreme oral aversion, stopped gaining weight and we had just had to make a decision to go through surgery for a G-tube. The transition to a new therapist can be very stressful on a parent of a child with high needs and it can be equally as stressful on the child. I am pleased to say our transition with Sana was beautiful. She was patient and sensitive to my daughter’s needs, and her years of experience were obvious from day one. In a very short time, she created a relationship with my daughter that was based on both respect and trust which helped to create a safe therapeutic environment, giving my daughter the freedom she needed to begin to finally meet some goals with oral foods! As a mother I have always felt included, educated, and heard. There isn’t anything I could ask for her to do differently and I would definitely recommend her!

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